Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Little Mac Guide – Move Sets and Changes

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac Guide

Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac guide will help you understand move sets of Little Mac so that you get acquainted with his attack patterns. Our guide will allow you to understand Little Mac character so that you can play as Little Mac in the game easily. We will also highlight few changes that are made for Little Mac character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a total of 74 characters in base game alone. Every character is unique in terms of fighting style, agility and attack patterns. Bandai Namco has also introduced few changes in each character model of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We will highlight all the movesets and changes of our forty eighth character Little Mac in detail here.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac Guide – Move Sets

Special Move Name Move Type Move Controls
Straight Lunge Neutral Special B
Rising Uppercut Up Special Left Stick Up + B
Jolt Haymaker Side Special Left Stick Left/Right + B
Slip Counter Down Special Left Stick Down + B
Giga Mac Rush Final Smash Press B when FS meter is Full
Attack Name Move Controls
Up Air Attack X Left Stick Up + A
Up Tilt Attack Left Stick Up + A
Forward Air Attack X Left Stick Right + A
Neutral Air Attack XA
Backward Air Attack X Left Stick Left + A
Tilt Attack Either Left/Right stick Press + A
Running Attack Smash Left Stick in Left or Right + A
Down Tilt Attack Left Stick Down + A
Light/Quick Attack Press A or Hold A
Down Air Attack X Down + A
Smash Attack Name Move Controls
Up Smash Attack Up + Hold A
Down Smash Attack Down + Hold A
Left/Right Smash Attack Left/Right + Hold A

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac Guide – Character Changes

Here is the list of changes with Little Mac character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  1. The Final Smash attack of Little Mac is changed slightly, he now lunges forward to a foe and releases a series of punches on the enemy
  2. Dash is tweaked and it is much faster now
  3. Rising Uppercut is tweaked to deal more damage on enemies
  4. Jump is altered and Little Mac can jump higher now
  5. Grab attack is tweaked, the range of grab is increased

Check out the action trailer featuring Little Mac in it here

This sums up our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Little Mac guide. If you think we missed any move set or changes about Little Mac above, Let us know about it in comments section below.

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