Onimusha Warlords All Map Locations Guide – Unlock All 8 Maps

Onimusha Warlords All Map Locations Guide

Our Onimusha Warlords all map locations guide will help you acquire all 8 maps in the game. Acquiring all maps will allow you to unlock ‘Never Lost Trophy / Achievement’ in the game. We have curated this guide so that you may know how to collect all of the eight maps.

All 8 maps in the game are obtained via default or from chests in the game. We have highlighted the steps in our Onimusha Warlords all map locations guide so that you can unlock the trophy or earn the achievement.

Onimusha Warlords All Map Locations Guide – List of All Maps

  1. Nanamagari Map
  2. Underground Temple Map
  3. South Area Map
  4. Keep Map
  5. Keep Underground Map
  6. West Area Map
  7. East Area Map
  8. Demon World Map

Onimusha Warlords All Map Locations Guide

01. Nanamagari Map

The Nanamagari map is obtained by default. It is obtained early in the game before obtaining control of Samanosuke.

02. Underground Temple Map

Underground temple map is obtained after you traverse into the hole in tunnel. Two demons will ambush you there near set of stairs that further leads into temple. You need to eliminate those demons first and search the area later. Search the area to left of the stairs, you will find the Underground Temple map there.

03. South Area Map

South Area map can be found where you spot the new type of demons, who curl into a ball and roll attack you. These demons are spotted after you traverse the door which is blocked by blue plasma. You need to defeat the new type of demons first and search for the map afterwards. Once you have defeated the demons, proceed ahead and you will find a treasure chest behind a small piece of wood. The treasure chest contains South Area Map.

04. Keep Map

After passing into red door which is covered by plasma you will face two smaller demons and a taller genma once you enter a building. The building is situated at Northern end of South area. You need to eliminate both demons and genma first and look for the Keep map afterwards. Once you have defeated the three already, go to second door on the left side. You will find there a magic mirror along with a treasure chest. The chest contains Keep map.

05.Keep Underground Map

After steeping into keep underground, pass the tentacles and you will face another genma. Defeat the genma there and move forward through the door midway through the corridor. Once you are there, go to backside of hanging meat bags and you will find a treasure chest there on the floor. Open it and you have found the Keep Underground map.

06. West Area Map

The West Area map can be obtained only while playing as Kaede. When you play as Kaede, you will obtain the Red Key which will be required to go to West Area. In order to find the door where you will use the Red Key, you need to leave the abandoned keep and go to West. You should keep going west unless you reach a door where you can use the Red key. After that, you nee to follow the paths, till you reach a door that is locked and covered by blue plasma. You need to proceed through the door in order to further the West Area map guide. After passing the door, you will reach an area where a soldier is being attacked by enemies. You can either save him and run away through the enemies to climb the ladder that leads to the North. After climbing ladder, go through the door on top landing. After reaching the next room, go straight and climb down the ladder, there you will find a Magic Mirror and treasure chest. Open the chest and unlock West Area map.

07. East Area map

The East Area map is obtained after you have used the Decorated Sword. Using the sword allows access to East Area, over the bridge there will be a door that will be locked by 2 lock green plasma. You need to open the door and move forward to the first hallway on the left. You will find there a scroll on the wall, collect it and move ahead. Keep moving along the path till you reach another door on the far end. Once you go through the door, you will find a small room. Inside the room on the Northern section of wall, you will find another scroll. Damage the scroll to reveal a rolled scroll. Collecting it will unlock your East Area map.

08. Demon World Map

The Demon World map is obtained after your fight with Marcellus. After the fight you will move to another room consisting a magic well. From where you entered into the room, on the opposite side of it, you can find a Magic Mirror. Demon World map lies in the right hand side of mirror.

This sums up our Onimusha Warlords all map locations guide. If you think we missed a step or any step could have been more conveniently, mention it in comments section below.


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