Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island DLC Review – Beautiful, Big and Boring

Fortune Island DLC

Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island DLC released December 13 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. We had a fair share of time to play the DLC and present our side of review for the first expansion of Forza Horizon 4. The world is beautiful, big but there is something in it which makes the expansion boring.

Fortune Island DLC is placed somewhere to the north of the base game’s English countryside, it’s a fairly small landmass comprising mainly of rocks and mostly rock, yes. Besides a town near the boring glamorous festival site and also a bit of thick pine forest, most of Fortune Island is huge as well as empty.

Though I value the rough cliffs and also rugged hillsides of Forza Horizon 4 ‘s new Northern Isles-inspired Fortune Island, I worry that when I finish all the expansion’s grinding, I’ll lose my cravings for more.

There aren’t numerous roadways on the island, and a number of them are dirt, making it a sanctuary for rally and also off-road racing. The Dodge Ram concept truck that players take control of during the DLC’s exciting opening series is perfect for this location.

Fortune Island DLC

That opening series is a showcase for among Lot of Fortune Island’s significant features, rough weather conditions. Lightning crackled throughout the sky and also rain put as my ride leaped as well as swerved its way from the island’s little open beachhead to the Horizon Festival appropriate.

The expansion’s focus on off-road racing and also ruthless climate reminds me a lot of Storm Island, one of the DLCs launched for Forza Horizon 2. However given that this DLC takes place in the north reaches of The Britain, we’re dealt with to views like the glistening Northern Lights.

Fortune Island DLC

Despite of being boring, Most of Fortune Island is still pretty in its very own means, with snow covered rocks, dirt and large open/empty land. It’s blunt and deserted, even while playing online multiplayer.

This doesn’t mean there is no fun to have. Fans of drifting will certainly enjoy a miles of twisting track that rolls down from the island’s top. The bumpy hillsides converged with rock as well as  fencing make it excellent terrain for developing great skill chains. And Yes, and also there are tons of deer there.

Fortune Island DLC

One of the key point of Fortune Island is the DLC’s Treasure Hunt. As players finish races as well as make impact towards making the best title of Island Conqueror, riddles are unlocked that, when resolved, lead players to treasure chests loaded with in-game cash.

The Riddles, 10 in all, recommendation events to take part in and also cars to participate with. For example, treasure number three, seen over, is asking players to join one of the DLC’s brand-new “Trailblazer” stunts while driving a 1965 Ford Mustang. Blaze a trail from point A to B on the map as fast as possible, and the general location of the Treasure Chest is exposed.

The Treasure Hunt is an enjoyable activity. However it’s there isn’t too much of it. There are 10 Chests to locate, and players have to accomplish ranks in the Island Conqueror Challenge for unlocking them. So there’s a whole lot of racing over same terrain in order to gain these chunks of excitement.

Fortune Island DLC

When Microsoft introduced the Fortune Island DLC, they stated it would certainly be big as well as treacherous, full of risk and enjoyment. Thus far I’m not feeling it. It’s nice, great for a bit more motoring enjoyable, yet absolutely nothing ground breaking.

There is hope, nonetheless. Fortune Island goes through Forza Horizon 4’s transforming periods, so we’re only seeing spring right now. Picturing clinging to the island’s terrain in the driving snow of winter months and also rolling across hillsides from the sun of summer has my heart pumping. It’s a bit shabby now, but we expect that the changing season will bring in new addition to the Fortune Island DLC.

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