Fancy Looking RX 590 by Chinese brand Yeston Revealed

RX 590

A Chinese graphics card manufacturer named Yeston has teased a new fancy looking RX 590. This new design is having contrast of pink and black. Yeston has branded this card as Game Ace, having a thick and big cooler, this card will occupy a little more than 2 slots of the case.

This card is having 8+6 pin power connectors with 6+2 VRM phase. The card is also not overclocked out of the box, as it is having the stock frequencies that a reference design is having, i-e base frequency of 1489 MHz and boost frequency of 1545 MHz with memory clock of 2100 MHz.

RX 590

Design wise the RX 590 is not as that premium, but aesthetically its have very beautiful and fancy design. Having 3 fan design, huge heat sink that may dissipate heat efficiently and keep the card cool under max load, the outer cover with X-shaped case with Yeston branding on it. The cooler of this card is bigger than the designed PCB, but thanks to Yeston they have designed this card in that way the the backplate and cooler is in sync and the PCB hides underneath this, giving a sleek design.

RX 590

Yeston makes graphics card of both Nvidia and AMD. So it can be expected that they also might release the new RTX lineup from Nvidia in this same design including the upcoming 2060 mid range chipset. Though this brand’s cards are not that recognized or famous to most of the world as these models are exclusively available for Chinese market, unless import it via some one you know to get your hands on these fancy looking cards.

Looking at the previous lineup of cards from this brand, they have nice and decent looking cards and are well reputed in China. Lets hope that their cards get shipped out of China in neat future.

What do you think of this new card? Do you like the way it looks? Or its just too much extra pinkish? Let us know in the comments section below.

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