About Us

We welcome you to our site, GamingRhino. Our website is focused solely on Video Games and Tech hardware. At GamingRhino, we dedicate ourselves to provide you the news and guides of video games as early as possible. GamingRhino team is a bunch of passionate gamers who love to share their enthusiasm and love for video games by providing the authentic content to its audience throughout the world.

GamingRhino was founded in December 2018. Our content revolves around video games. Our key areas of coverage includes daily news and video game guides. Besides these two, we also write on video game reviews and tech hardware.

Aamir Massan | President

Aamir Massan is the president at GamingRhino. He manages all the ins and outs of website administration. When it comes down to start of a new project or hiring extra staff members, Aamir Khan gets an upper hand in decision making.

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Irfan Ansari | Founder

Irfan Ansari is the Founder of GamingRhino. His sheer passion and enthusiasm for video games has pushed him to leave the persuasion of regular jobs and work on his own website. He manages news and guides section on the website. He is mostly doing jolly cooperation in DarkSouls or BloodBorne.

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Hassnain Raziq | Co-Founder

Hassnain Raziq is Co-founder of GamingRhino. He has been a gaming enthusiast since Arcade Gaming machines to modern Gaming PC and Consoles. Now with his passion going side by side with his career, he has now come along with his childhood friend/partner as to work on this website. He works on news and tech sections of this website. If u love building Gaming PCs, talk about Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, he is the right person to discuss with.

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